Thursday, March 26, 2009

Intro to Fine Arts

Self Portrait on Pink Canvas
by Pablo Brincasso

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Irish Faerie Tale

"A leprechaun!” Annie shouted and startled Bobby right off the bed. “I know what we can bring for show and tell -- a leprechaun!!!” Annie and Bobby had been trying to figure out something amazing that they could bring to school tomorrow and had not been having too much luck. Annie kept trying to convince her brother, “We could make a trap and catch him.” “Gee, Annie, I don’t know. It sounds like fun but Mom might not like that idea. We better not tell her.” “Okay, Bobby, I won’t tell her.” The children set off in different directions collecting the things they needed to build a leprechaun trap. When they met back, Annie asked him, “What should we use to get the leprechaun to go in the trap, Bobby?” “Don’t worry -- I have an idea!” Just then, their Mother walked into the room and asked what they were doing. “We’re building a leprechaun trap,” shouted Annie. “ANNIE!” Bobby yelled in disbelief. Mom just shook her head, “You two and your imaginations! Just whatever you do, don’t go onto Mr. Shannahan’s property. You know how cranky he always is... and don’t be late for dinner.” “Okay, Mom, we won’t,” Annie promised.

After finishing the trap, Annie and Bobby packed everything up and headed outside to look for clover since Bobby told Annie that leprechauns love clover. They wandered around the property for a while when Annie noticed a huge clover patch on the other side of the fence. “I found some clover in Mr. Shannahan’s yard, Bobby!” “Don’t go in there, Annie! We’ll get in trouble,” said Bobby. Just then, Bobby had an idea. He instructed Annie to hold the gate open so he could run into Mr. Shannahan’s yard, grab some clover, and come back quickly. “Okay, Bobby,” Annie agreed.

While Bobby was picking the nicest clover he’s ever seen he heard a strange noise coming from the direction of Mr. Shannahan’s house. Bobby froze, then slowly looked up, and saw Mr. Shannahan coming out onto his back porch. Goose bumps broke out all over Bobby’s body. “Hey, you hooligans, get off my property or I’ll hang you up on the clothes line by your ears!” shouted cranky Mr. Shannahan waving a fist. Bobby gasped, turned, and headed for the gate when he suddenly bumped into Annie. “Annie! What are you doing here? I told you to stand there and hold the gate open!” “I don’t know, Bobby! What are we gonna do? Now we’re locked in!” Annie screamed. “RUN, ANNIE, RUN!” The children circled around a few times not knowing where to go. Somehow Bobby managed to find an opening in the fence at the other end of Mr. Shannahan’s property. “Annie, follow me!” shouted Bobby. They both found their way through the hole in the fence and ended up in a beautiful section of woods. The children took a few minutes to catch their breath and then went looking for a good place to set their trap. Bobby placed the clover he’d picked all around in hopes of luring a leprechaun while Annie set the shoebox trap. “What kind of bait did you bring, Bobby?” “What leprechaun’s love the most of course -- Lucky Charms” he replied. “Oooh, good one, Bobby. They ARE magically delicious!”

With the trap set, Annie and Bobby took a few steps back and hid behind a tree and waited. A short while later the children heard a rustling sound coming in their direction. Bobby peeked around the tree and whispered to Annie, “I think I see a little leprechaun.” The tiny leprechaun slowly approached the trap, scrutinized it, and let out a rip-roaring belly laugh. “B’gosh and B’gorrah! Is this another ridiculous leprechaun trap before me eyes?” The children slowly inched out from behind the tree and Annie said, “Yeah. Are you gonna go in it?” “Well, the Lucky Charms were quite ingenious, and I did think about it for a second, but, I’m sorry, m’thinks not, m’lass.” The leprechaun removed his hat and introduced himself. “The name’s BrynMahr O’Brien, and if ye like, we can play all afternoon together instead.”

The children were having so much fun playing with little BrynMahr O’Brien that they forgot to watch the time. When they realized they had missed dinner, they quickly said goodbye to BrynMahr and ran all the way home. They crashed through the door screaming, “We’re sorry we’re late, Mom! We set our trap but didn’t catch a leprechaun because he was too smart for that but he played with us all afternoon! We forgot what time it was. We’re sorry….” Their mother just stood there quite serious and said, “I was worried when you didn’t come home for dinner and I’m tired of you two making up stories about things that don’t exist. Now, go to your rooms and don’t come out until tomorrow morning for school.” The children slowly made their way to their rooms upset that not only did their mother not believe them but they also didn’t have anything to bring for show and tell.

The next morning the children made their way to the kitchen for breakfast. Their Mom stood there waiting for them with a smile on her face. “I just want to apologize for yelling at you yesterday but I was very worried. I know you like to make up stories and that’s fine.” “But Mom, we really did see a leprechaun,” said Annie. “Whatever you say, Annie. But I want to make up for yelling at you. I don’t usually give you your favorite cereal, Lucky Charms, for breakfast on a weekday but I just wanted you to know that I still love you.” Bobby whispered to Annie, “Did we make that whole thing up yesterday? Or, did we really play with a leprechaun?” “I think he was really real, Bobby. Don’t you?”

After their mother poured the cereal, she placed the box on the table. When the children looked up at the box, they couldn’t believe their eyes! There, on the front of the Lucky Charms box, sat BrynMahr O’Brien. The children looked at each other, looked at the box, looked at each other, and laughed. Their mother added, “I’m sorry you don’t have anything to bring to show and tell today.” With that, BrynMahr O’Brien winked at the children. “Oh yes we do!” they laughed!

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brownies and Cookies, Oh My!

Hey! Guess what? Today is National Girl Scout’s Day! And it just so happens that a while back I tried to convince Aimee to join the Girl Scouts, you know, to provide an outlet for her…… well…… enthusiasm. Anyway, she wasn’t buying it. When I explained that joining the Girl Scouts would give her more self-esteem, she said she feels confident enough when she wrestles and pins Benny to the ground. When I said she would learn about environmental issues, she said she knows all about environmental issues from all the digging she does in the yard! Then, when I mentioned she would learn about health, traveling, and the arts. She replied, “Uncle B, I already know about that stuff! I’m very healthy! I sleep all the time – it’s very relaxing and stress-free. And, I do a lot of traveling, too! I go from the couch in the living room to the bed in my bedroom. I travel all the time!” I have to admit, that girl is artistically inclined. You should see what she can do with toilet paper! Man, she’s good! Anyway, I told her that she would have to be a “Brownie” first and amazingly she agreed. Most likely, it was because she thought it had something to do with food.

So, I got a call this morning from her Scout leader saying that I owe the Girl Scout’s $84.00. I hesitantly asked, “Now, what did she do?” The Scout leader said she told all the girls they each had to sell a case of Girl Scout cookies. But in stead of hearing, “you have to SELL a case of cookies,” Aimee heard, “you have to SMELL a case of cookies.” And, we all know what happens after you smell a case of cookies……. Yup, you eat a case of cookies. It’s only natural though, especially when it’s a case of Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies! So, now, I owe $84.00 and all that’s left is a bunch of crumbs!!!! That’s my Aimee!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snowonder Why I Love It!

Brind'Amour: "I think I smell another tennis ball under all this fluff!

Orielle: What? I wasn't eating snow. Why do you ask?

Benny: Can anybody say.... BRAIN FREEZE!!