Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brownies and Cookies, Oh My!

Hey! Guess what? Today is National Girl Scout’s Day! And it just so happens that a while back I tried to convince Aimee to join the Girl Scouts, you know, to provide an outlet for her…… well…… enthusiasm. Anyway, she wasn’t buying it. When I explained that joining the Girl Scouts would give her more self-esteem, she said she feels confident enough when she wrestles and pins Benny to the ground. When I said she would learn about environmental issues, she said she knows all about environmental issues from all the digging she does in the yard! Then, when I mentioned she would learn about health, traveling, and the arts. She replied, “Uncle B, I already know about that stuff! I’m very healthy! I sleep all the time – it’s very relaxing and stress-free. And, I do a lot of traveling, too! I go from the couch in the living room to the bed in my bedroom. I travel all the time!” I have to admit, that girl is artistically inclined. You should see what she can do with toilet paper! Man, she’s good! Anyway, I told her that she would have to be a “Brownie” first and amazingly she agreed. Most likely, it was because she thought it had something to do with food.

So, I got a call this morning from her Scout leader saying that I owe the Girl Scout’s $84.00. I hesitantly asked, “Now, what did she do?” The Scout leader said she told all the girls they each had to sell a case of Girl Scout cookies. But in stead of hearing, “you have to SELL a case of cookies,” Aimee heard, “you have to SMELL a case of cookies.” And, we all know what happens after you smell a case of cookies……. Yup, you eat a case of cookies. It’s only natural though, especially when it’s a case of Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies! So, now, I owe $84.00 and all that’s left is a bunch of crumbs!!!! That’s my Aimee!


Anonymous said...

Aw Man Brin!

Aimee stuck ya with the bill?!? Well, I bet Orielle secretly told er to do that for all of the incriminating pictures you get of her! Let me tell you something...Those Brownies AND Girl Scouts get our Mom ALL the time. She's always coming home with cookies! We like the Tagalongs. They have peanut butter, YUM-O!!! well, think, Easter's coming, maybe she'll buy you some candy. We don't get candy, but we sure do get HAM!!!
The Kitty Krew

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

Well Brin...I can hardly blame Aimee, I LOVE THE COOKIES!!!!! There is noooo way I could smell the case and not eat the case!

I would however share some of the maybe the crumbs. I do have a reputation to uphold as a real "Cookie Monster".After all when someone asks my human dad what kind of a spaniel I am. He says "a spoiled spaniel"

What Ever!!!!!!!

Love Louie

Le Nanny said...

Ah, Aimee........a girl after my own heart!
Devouring a case of peanut butter cookies and probably all in one serving too!
Brin, maybe it's time to join the Boy Scouts!