Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Party Hearty Mardi......Gras!!

Well, we just got back from our trip down to New Orleans. It seems there's this holiday called Mardi Gras and the main purpose of the holiday is to celebrate by dressing up in colorful costumes, watching the parades, eating like there's no tomorrow, and hoping you catch some beads that people throw at you. Weird, no? Yeah, but any holiday that involves costumes and eating is worth celebrating in my book!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Separated at Birth?

Isn't the resemblance between Laa-Laa and Orielle remarkable?
It sure makes you wonder....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Messenger of Love

Remember that guy who hired me for the Santa Grams? Well, guess who I heard from the other day? Yup, the same manager! He said that he made so much money with my Santa Grams that he wants me back for Cupid Grams. Can you believe it? He even bribed me with a nice case of graham crackers, which I willingly took, of course. I met with the manager bright and early this morning. He handed me the long list of weekend gigs in one hand and in the other, a red sash, ring of flowers for my head, and a set of sequin cupid wings. I took one look at those and nearly choked.

I put together a nice repertoire of Elton John songs to perform but just couldn’t bring myself to don the halo and wings. Speaking of Elton John, I remembered I had in my trunk, a pair of Elton glasses I got at a flea market in Chattanooga. I put together my own outfit, figuring the manager wouldn’t mind, and headed out to my first stop. It went well. I made a few tips and was off to the next gig. The fourth stop happened to be an office party and after belting out “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” one woman screamed, “AREN’T YOU SANTA?!” Ah, she saw right through my disguise. All the screaming and clapping only encouraged me to break out into “Crocodile Rock.” Now, what crocodiles have to do with Valentine’s Day I’m not really sure but it was definitely a crowd pleaser. Not only did I make a lot of tips, I got myself a date!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Just a Game!

The other day was one of those “lounging around” kind of days, if you know what I mean. It was snowing out, there was nothing to do, and so Orielle and I decided to play Dogopoly while the twins were out playing in the snow. Benny spent most of that time trying to catch snowflakes. He must have gotten his silly gene from his mother. I have to say that playing board games with Orielle requires one part patience and two parts humor. Basically, she doesn’t play right. For instance, when she lands on “Go to Kennel” she says she can’t go to kennel. Who would take care of her babies? I say, “Orielle, it’s just a board game.” “I’m not going” she responds. So, of course, I let her get away with it because she’s cute. Then, it’s a fiasco when she lands on “Fleas – pay $200.” She claims she doesn’t have fleas, nor does she want them, and won’t cough up the dough. Again, I tell her it’s just a board game and that she must pay the $200. She gives me that blank stare that she does so well, and then comes the excuse that she doesn’t have $200, she has the twins to feed and can only pay $50. So I say, okay, $50 is good. And this time, when she landed on “Go Fetch” she got so excited she got up and ran to fetch her bone leaving me alone, playing Dogopoly by myself. And I was winning!!! Yup, she’s a corker all right. But she’s cute!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Weather or Not....

Yeah, so today was Groundhog Day. So what. I mean, first, they wake up Punxsutawney Phil from a long winter’s nap. So we can ALL understand his crankiness. Then, they make him search for his shadow in his groggy stupor and predict the weather! Now, let me ask you this – What does a sleepy groundhog know about weather? They spend most of their lives hiding in holes! Whereas, I spend my days traveling, conducting experiments, competing, toying with numerous part time jobs, and studying weather patterns in my spare time. So, here's my prediction…. The relative humidity was 82%, barometer 29.94, dew point 27 degrees, visibility 10.00 miles, UV index low, and wind speed CALM but rising. Therefore, I predict rain! And an early spring bringing lots of rain with it. Rain, rain, rain, and more rain! Yeah! I love rain. Rain is great. It makes awesome puddles to run through. It makes you blink really fast when it runs into your eyes. It makes bobbing for tennis balls in rain-filled holes incredibly fun. And most importantly, every time you come in from the rain you get a cookie for being dried with a towel, otherwise known as the “towel cookie!” You NEVER get those on sunny days!!

Oh, and, by the by, in honor of National Weatherman’s Day on Thursday, Feb. 5, I’d just like to say I LOVE RAIN!! R-A-I-N, that spells RAIN! Yeah!