Thursday, February 12, 2009

Messenger of Love

Remember that guy who hired me for the Santa Grams? Well, guess who I heard from the other day? Yup, the same manager! He said that he made so much money with my Santa Grams that he wants me back for Cupid Grams. Can you believe it? He even bribed me with a nice case of graham crackers, which I willingly took, of course. I met with the manager bright and early this morning. He handed me the long list of weekend gigs in one hand and in the other, a red sash, ring of flowers for my head, and a set of sequin cupid wings. I took one look at those and nearly choked.

I put together a nice repertoire of Elton John songs to perform but just couldn’t bring myself to don the halo and wings. Speaking of Elton John, I remembered I had in my trunk, a pair of Elton glasses I got at a flea market in Chattanooga. I put together my own outfit, figuring the manager wouldn’t mind, and headed out to my first stop. It went well. I made a few tips and was off to the next gig. The fourth stop happened to be an office party and after belting out “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” one woman screamed, “AREN’T YOU SANTA?!” Ah, she saw right through my disguise. All the screaming and clapping only encouraged me to break out into “Crocodile Rock.” Now, what crocodiles have to do with Valentine’s Day I’m not really sure but it was definitely a crowd pleaser. Not only did I make a lot of tips, I got myself a date!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Anonymous said...


A DATE?!? Awesome! Sounds like you're quite the Romeo these days! We LOVE the outfit you chose for yourself. You look like the Ready For Love Rapper! And, if we remember correctly, our mom has an old Christmas card of you donning a halo and wings, so no biggie! We would love to hear one of your grams, but we're not traveling with our humans this weekend (we're spazoid in the car!). You'll just have to shine for them. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Tons of Smooches~
The Felines

twoperfectdogs said...

Hubba, hubba! We need to meet! I know a wonderful spot, all dark and romantic. Uh oh, here comes Mr. Bigley and he will tell everyone!

Louie M agooey said...

Hi's Louie

I'm back!!!!!! I have been on an awesome road trip!I must say that you looked amazing.What a sweet job, wish I could have one on year.I'll have to remember those red hot glasses....smokin'!!!!!Bet you racked up the kisses that night.You know how I love the kissen!

Love Louie