Monday, February 2, 2009

Weather or Not....

Yeah, so today was Groundhog Day. So what. I mean, first, they wake up Punxsutawney Phil from a long winter’s nap. So we can ALL understand his crankiness. Then, they make him search for his shadow in his groggy stupor and predict the weather! Now, let me ask you this – What does a sleepy groundhog know about weather? They spend most of their lives hiding in holes! Whereas, I spend my days traveling, conducting experiments, competing, toying with numerous part time jobs, and studying weather patterns in my spare time. So, here's my prediction…. The relative humidity was 82%, barometer 29.94, dew point 27 degrees, visibility 10.00 miles, UV index low, and wind speed CALM but rising. Therefore, I predict rain! And an early spring bringing lots of rain with it. Rain, rain, rain, and more rain! Yeah! I love rain. Rain is great. It makes awesome puddles to run through. It makes you blink really fast when it runs into your eyes. It makes bobbing for tennis balls in rain-filled holes incredibly fun. And most importantly, every time you come in from the rain you get a cookie for being dried with a towel, otherwise known as the “towel cookie!” You NEVER get those on sunny days!!

Oh, and, by the by, in honor of National Weatherman’s Day on Thursday, Feb. 5, I’d just like to say I LOVE RAIN!! R-A-I-N, that spells RAIN! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Oooooo, you're a meteorologist as well? You surprise us more and more every day, Brin! If we were allowed to go outside, we would LOVE to go see Puxatawney Phil. I bet he would be a lot of fun to chase around! We're not too much into weather (you think we would be with the amount of Weather Channel our human mom watches!) We just like watching the snow out the window. We are all looking forward to spring now. we like when the windows are open and we can enjoy the different smells from outside. Keep us posted WeatherMan Brinny!
The Furballs

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

Let me just say..... WOW!!!!You are truly amazing and very very smart!Your forecast would put most weather men to shame, let alone a groundhog.Not to mention how dapper you look.
And I sooooooo agree about the rain.Love the rain.Love to dance in the rain,sing in the rain...wwwwooo,wwwwooo, run in the rain,and most of all rrroooollll and splash in the rain.
I love to eat the rain, dunk my toys in the mud puddles from rain, sit under the birdfeeders and watch the birds in the rain,(resulting in birdseed butt, much to my human mom's dismay!)Everything is fun in the rain!

I love the trick with the towel cookie! I am always looking for cookie tricks.You should try the "SCREAMMMMM" in the night, I think a monster got me cookie trick,or I am so cute, so sweet and so well behaved around the humans that they all want to give you cookies!But than again, you are so smart, so slick, that this is probably "old hat" to you!

Yeah that RAIN!