Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Just a Game!

The other day was one of those “lounging around” kind of days, if you know what I mean. It was snowing out, there was nothing to do, and so Orielle and I decided to play Dogopoly while the twins were out playing in the snow. Benny spent most of that time trying to catch snowflakes. He must have gotten his silly gene from his mother. I have to say that playing board games with Orielle requires one part patience and two parts humor. Basically, she doesn’t play right. For instance, when she lands on “Go to Kennel” she says she can’t go to kennel. Who would take care of her babies? I say, “Orielle, it’s just a board game.” “I’m not going” she responds. So, of course, I let her get away with it because she’s cute. Then, it’s a fiasco when she lands on “Fleas – pay $200.” She claims she doesn’t have fleas, nor does she want them, and won’t cough up the dough. Again, I tell her it’s just a board game and that she must pay the $200. She gives me that blank stare that she does so well, and then comes the excuse that she doesn’t have $200, she has the twins to feed and can only pay $50. So I say, okay, $50 is good. And this time, when she landed on “Go Fetch” she got so excited she got up and ran to fetch her bone leaving me alone, playing Dogopoly by myself. And I was winning!!! Yup, she’s a corker all right. But she’s cute!


Shannon said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. Even though Ori cheats! Our little human sister cheats all the time playing CandyLand! She stacks the deck! She'll find all the picture cards IE: gumdrop, gingerbread man, ice cream queen, and puts them on top of the deck! Plus, she doesn't stay on the path! She immediately goes to The Candy Castle then starts yelling, I win, I win! We like playing that game too. Especially wacking the cards and little people around! Our human folks should enroll her in one of the casinos up here as a blackjack dealer. the houe would LOVE her card stacking ways! Well, one of these days we are sure you'll come across something you can beat Ori at! Until then...
Love Yous,
The Cat Crew

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!I missed one! How did that happen?I must have been on my most awesome road trip!You know mama is never wrong!

Love Louie