Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy's Birthday

This is Happy. And today, August 28th, is her Birthday. You might be asking, who the heck is Happy? Well, I'll tell ya. Happy was my Mom's first quadruped. Her real name was Happy but her nickname was Boogie. Don't ask. I'm hoping it had something to do with her dancing a jig all the time but you never know. Anyway, my Mom loved Happy so much that every year on her birthday Mom would have a party and serve Coffee Cake Jr.'s. Happy even got one of her own!

Now, if Happy was still with us, she'd be... how old?... um... can't really count that high. But as you can tell from these old photos, she'd be pretty darn old by now.

Today's mission is to convince Mom to let us celebrate Happy's birthday by having Coffee Cake Jr.'s tonight! Think she'll go for it?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How Now Brown Brow?

My Mom just got us new wall-to-wall carpeting for our living room and the most awesome thing about it is that it totally complements my eyebrows!
Don't ya think?