Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tag, I'm It!

I am taking a short break from my wacky and wonderful adventures because I have been tagged for the very first time by my new friend Chase to tell five random things about myself.

1) I love standing in the wind, especially when it lifts up my ears and I look like a 747.

2) I love watching awesome sci-fi movies, especially Godzilla!

3) I love helping with chores around the house. My fave is doing the "pre-wash" cycle in the dishwasher.

4) I was named after a hockey player. "Brind'Amour" in French, means "a little bit of love."

5) For all my new friends who have been asking...... yes, we are Clumber Spaniels.

And now, I'd like to tag my friends, Honey, Harry, the 'splorin' Wolfies, Laney, and Maggie and Mitch.


Bijou said...

Hi Brind,

Thanks for sharing those things about yourself. We have something in common, my name is French too!

My mom told me to tell you she remembers seeing a Clumber Spaniel when some BIG dog show a few years ago. Before then she had never heard of the breed.

Wags & wiggles,

♥玮倩 said...

Hello Brind'Amour,

thanks for sharing! Now i get to know more about you (:

best regards

Chase said...

Hi Brind'Amour,

Thanks for sharing! I love learning new things about my furry friends. :-)

Sniffs and licks,


PS - I love the pic of you with all those colorful tennis balls on your site.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We love pre-washing the dishes too Brind!
Thanks for tagging us! We'll be thinking about this one!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mango said...

That windswept look is going to drive the gals wild! My dorky brother does the prewash too. But you are not a dork like him. No way!


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

thanks for the info! you are looking especially dapper in the pic! S & G

shannicat said...


Love the new post, but we all knew that already. LOL Keep 'em coming!

The Cats (Skeeter, King, & Pandora)
R~I~P Scooter

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

Just a few more awesome things about probably hold the world record for holding more tennis balls in your mouth at one time than any other!Oh...and can you ever rap!You are a very cool dude

Love Louie

ps...I love the Cats, I'll miss Scooter

Stanislaw said...

Hey Dude man. I'm a spaniel just like you! Do you like to feast and chase tree lobsters as much as I do?

It's nice to "meat" you!

Selba said...

Hello Brind'Amour,

It's our first time in here. So nice to learn about you. Our mummy also love doing house chores and we are trying to learn from her now.

Vincent & Bella

Moco said...

The crazy old bat at our house loves anything spaniel. My brothers fall into that group. They don't sound anywhere as clever as you.