Saturday, June 6, 2009

Down Memory Lane

As promised, here's the slide show that I put together for Benny and Aimee's birthday party. Orielle blubbered through the whole thing mumbling, "My teeny tiny babies are all grown up."

You'll never believe what I did for the party finale!! Stay tuned....


Checkers said...

OMD - what little cutie patooties - thanks for that

Lorenza said...

Thanks for sharing it!
Kisses and hugs

Mango said...

Aw... yeah, the peoples get all goofy when they see baby pictures.

Can you believe that momma still has not opened your present? Now she is saying something about NO COMPUTER UNTIL I GET THE $^%&* HOUSE CLEANED! As if!

Guess she better get started then, huh?


Abby said...

Hi, Brind...

Awwww...How adorable...

Thanks for sharing...

Can't wait to see the Finale...

Abby xxxooo

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

Awe Brin!!!!!!HOW SWEET DOES MY MAMA LOOK!!!!What an awesome slide show.What cuties we were..still are, even though we are my mama tells me.

Love Louie

Bijou said...

Hi Brind,

You sure were a cute little guy. And now you're a handsome big guy.

Wags & wiggles,

aninhas said...

Hi Bird!!!
We are back!
We miss you so mutch!
Your video when you are a puppy is so adorable!

auf auf

Hugs and kisses from kikos word :D

ps. we have a award for you :D

Martine said...

thanks for sharing, so cute!!

Selba said...

Awwwwww.... Brind, this is very lovely... and pictures so cute and perfect with the song! Love it!

Adele, Vincent & Bella

Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG, Clumbers are such cute, cute pups!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Life With Dogs said...

I wish I had early footage of our pups. I think it's time to buy a video camera! Adorable slideshow. :)

Anonymous said...


What a fabulous slideshow! Our "mom" remember them when they were that little! What cutie little balls of fluff they were. NOW, they're cute BIG balls of fluff! Happy Birthday Again you guys!

Lots of Licks & Scratches~
The Kitties

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

...i just fell out of my chair

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

such cuties - thanx for the cute video

woodrow sweetie mj

Tee said...

Awwww ... we're think the puppy video are the sweetest cutest !

THank you for sharing! The Chief laments along the same lines too - about her puppers growing up much too fast!

Unfortunately her other puter kaputed and all the pupper pictures gone! Which is really quite a shame!

licks and wags

Tuffy and the Dog WOods Pack

Bruschi said...

AWWW What adorable puppy pictures!! Love the slideshow!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

Nibbles Treats said...


Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Moco said...

Oh my dog! Could they have gotten any cuter? I doubt it.

Thor said...

Adorable puppies!
Thanks for sharing!

Thor xxx