Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Vampire Brinstat
By Brind'Amour
Chapter 3
Whoa! Now that’s a job for me! I mean, I am a master with a deck of cards. I even know how to play black jack. Well, a little, anyway, thought Brinstat. He jotted down the number for the casino on his breakfast napkin and quickly tucked it away in his cape pocket.

“Ah, there’s my boy! How are you feeling, my baby?” asked his mama.

“Oh, much better Mama,” said Brinstat.

“Goot, that’s my Brinstat,” said his mama, patting him on the head. “I need to go out for a little vhile Brinstat. I’ll be home soon.”

“Okay, Mama. But I might be out doing vampire things when you return,” he lied.

“Ah! That’s my boy!!” said his mama. She then leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

The coast was clear. His mama had left and he was all alone to make the phone call.

“Allo? Collins Casino...”

“Hi, I’m calling about the casino dealer position.”

“Ya! Plis hold.”

A few minutes went by.

“Mr. Edwards speaking, how may I help you?”

“Hi, I’m calling about the casino dealer position. And, I just want to let you know ahead of time that I’m really good with cards,” said Brinstat.

“Well, in that case, why don’t you come down and fill out an application. If all goes well, and you seem to fit the job, can you start right away?” ask Mr. Edwards.

“Oh yes. I can start tonight if needed.”

Brinstat hung up the phone, combed his hair, brushed his teeth, straightened his cape, and headed out the door.

Upon arriving at the casino and telling the doorman who he was, he was then escorted immediately to Mr. Edwards who was waiting patiently for him to arrive. Every minute that went by reminded Mr. Edwards that customers were standing around an empty table waiting for a dealer.

“Good evening. You must be Brinstat,” said Mr. Edwards as he shook Brinstat’s cold hand.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Edwards. I just want to tell you that I’m a master when it comes to a deck of car…….”

“You’re hired!”

“Wow. That was fast.”

“Here’s your uniform. You’ll have to leave the cape in your locker. And please hurry to table seven. The customers are waiting.”

Brinstat changed and headed to table seven. No sooner did he get there than his table filled up immediately with patrons. Brinstat showed off his shuffling skills with hands like lightning. He subtly smirked at the “ooh’s and ah’s” coming from the players.

He gave the stack one more shuffle and quickly dealt out the hands. Chips were flying. Mr. Edwards was impressed as he watched from the hidden cameras. “This guy is good!” he said under his breath.

A few hours later, Brinstat dealt a hand, one in which a customer was less than pleased with. “Uhh, this hand is terrible,” the lady whined. “Hey, Mr. Nice Guy Black Jack Dealer, do you think I could have two new cards? I’m on the verge of tears here. Please? Pretty please?” asked the whining lady.

“Well, I guess that would be okay.” And Brinstat dealt the lady two more cards. This time, the lady was more than happy.

“I won!” screamed the lady. “You’re such a nice guy Mr. Black Jack Dealer! What else can you do for me?”

“Well, I can build a house of cards like none you’ve ever seen,” said Brinstat.

“Yeah? Let’s see,” said one disgruntled man.

Brinstat collected all the cards and proceeded to build a house. Quite frankly, it was more like a castle. The customers were utterly impressed. The structure was so massive it drew many customers away from their tables, eyes as big as golf balls, amazed at the monstrosity in front of them.

Before long, Brinstat was using cards from other tables in order to create the biggest, most intricate piece of artwork he’d ever done. Hoots and hollers were heard throughout the casino. He was shining, smiling from ear to ear.

Then, over the loud speaker came, “Brinstat, please report to the office.”

“Ooh, maybe I’m gonna get a raise!” said Brinstat excitedly.

Brinstat was quickly disappointed to find that he was once again…fired.

He slowly made his way home only to find his mother waiting for him in the living room.

“Vhere have you been, Brinstat?”

“Mama, I think you were right. Getting a job and trying to make friends is just not for me. I will do as you say, Mama. I’m going to just be me—a vampire.”

“There, there, my boy. Things vill be all right, you’ll see. Get some rest and tomorrow vill be a new day!” his mama replied. “And next time, listen to your mother!”

“Okay, Mama. I’m going to watch some television and then I’ll go to bed.”

“That’s my boy!”

Stay tuned for Chapter 4


Anonymous said...

Give us more

give us more

we can't wait


chapter 4!!!!

Hugs, Tessa

Martine said...

That's our boy!!! Love your outfits!!!

xo martine & the kiddlets

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm on the edge of Mom's seat!


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

i feel so bad for brinstat. i hope he finds something. the pictures are so funny--i especially love the count chocula one! hahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Poor BrinStat!!! That poor little dude can't seem to hold a job! We hope something pans out for him soon!!!

Life With Dogs said...

Maybe Brinstat can land a cereal endorsement deal. :)

Bijou said...

Brinstat sure has the worst luck. He tries so hard but things just never seem to go his way. I hope he finds the perfect job soon.


Mack said...

I just know Brinstat will find a good job soon!

Benny and Lily said...

Well aren't you talented! You scared us for a minute Count Dogula
Benny & Lily

Lorenza said...

I am loving all these chapters and sure I hope Brinstat will have better luck!
More! More!
Kisses and hugs

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Hey, don't worry 'bout the job thing and you has lotsa' friends already. We ♥ you!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Oh you poor boy!
We can't wait for the next chapter! Hopefully you'll find the perfect job soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

OMG are a budding author! Your stories and travels are amazing.I just can't wait to hear more about Brinstats tails, and his mama........she is so pretty!

Love Louie

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh we are finally caught up - we got so far behind! I love the story so far but it makes me sad when Brinstat gets fired and isn't able to make any friends. I would totally be Brinstats friends - he sounds like such a sweet boy (for a vampire).

Sierra Rose said...

Hi! What a story spinner you are...quite a tale going on there. Hey, can you share some of those delicious looking snacks?

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kissies,
Sierra Rose