Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Wrapper?

I got over the fact of being fired right after I heard about this great job offer in one of the local stores. I heard they were looking for a Christmas Rapper and being as musically inclined as I am, I quickly applied for the job. I showed up in my hoodie and bling ready to perform my newly written Christmas Rap. The manager took one look at me, eyebrow raised, and said “Here,” as he handed me some scissors, a tape dispenser, some stupid antlers and a bow tie. He quickly shoved me behind a counter and said, “Wrap all the gifts as efficiently as possible.” Now how am I supposed to wrap gifts without thumbs, I ask you. Tying bows is practically impossible and the tape keeps getting stuck to my fur! In dire need of some extra cash I tried to go with the flow and belted out my Christmas Rap anyway thinking it would entertain the customers standing in line….

My name is Brin Daddy B
And I’m here to say Merry Christmas ya see
I know what you be wishin’
And I’m on a big fat mission
To get the gifts you been askin’ fo
So you don’t be wishin’ for those gifts no mo
I’m here to help the fat man here
Just like I try to do every year
So have yourself a merry merry day
I wouldn’t want it any other way…

After nearly finishing my Rap the manager rushed over and gave me the all familiar “YOU’RE FIRED” spiel. Foiled again! I must research these job offers thoroughly before I apply next time….


shannicat said...

Awww Brin....

The first clue woulda been the big "W" in Wrapper. You are such a big silly! As for some extra cash, why not just go sing a Christmas carol for Carole? She lives 3 house away. Be sure to have on sunglasses and a metal tin cup and pretend you're a blind noel-er. Shhhh, don't tell her we told ya to do it...
The Frederick Furballs

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

What up....these managers have no clue.Who wouldn't prefer the rap over the wrap?I too, hate the antlers.My human mom made me wear them the last two years, this year I put my Paw Down!

Any how Brin...I think you should hire a celebrity manager, cuz you can really Rap!

Love Louie
ps....just tryin to help

My name is King Lou
And I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas too
I think I know what you been wishin'
And I'm here to tell ya my specialty is some really sloppy kissin'
So if it's a spit shined face you desire
Call on me or my cousin Brinny is for hire.
It's truly the gift that keeps on given
Cuz ya'll will find drool for as long as yor liven

Le Nanny said...

Hey Brin!
Wow, you and Louie sure are great rappers......maybe you should pass on the Wrapping jobs to Aimmee, that'll teach those crummy, boring managers a thing or two!
Peace to you all for all your talents...i'd hire all of you in a heartbeat.
And thanks, "Furballs" for the tip of Caroles house.i'm sure she'd love for a house full of fans to come see you perform in your pink shades!