Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hi Ya!

Konnichiwa! That’s “hello” in Japanese! The New Year is starting off on the right track. I signed up for Beginners Karate and already have received my yellow belt. Things are going great! I love the part where we yell “Hi-Ya!” but mine comes out more like “Woo-Rah!” Running laps, practicing the death grip, and working on tumbling is just so awesome. The only problem I’m having is working those darn nunchuks. I keep hitting myself in the head. It must be that whole lack of thumbs issue working here again. My sensei says if I keep up the good work, I may have an opportunity to enter a karate tournament in a few months. Isn’t that swell? Sayounara! That’s “goodbye” in Japanese!


shannicat said...

Holy Cowabunga Brin!

Wow! You're a martial artist?!? That's so flippin' kewl! Us, we're too damn lazy to do anything, but get in trouble. Like last night for example, Pandora was on the counter drinking out of the sink and Mom and Dad were outside knocking on the window for her to get down. Ya know what she did??? Put her butt right up in the air, turned around and continued to drink out of the SINK! I swear, maybe you should just come on over and Karate-Chop her! Your new hero must be Hong-Kong Fooey!
The Frederick Foursome of Furrballs

Louie Magooey said...

Hi Brinny....it's Louie

Love the whole yellow belt thing!I'm sure you will be a black belt in no time, not just the black eye your sporting.Must have been quite the tumble!Oooohhhhh.....I love the tumble,it's a forward roll, unlike my side rolls, which I might add have been wicked fun in the snow today.Yes, I will have to work on the tumble..Woo-Rah!

Love Louie Magooey

Le Nanny said...

I see your momma is getting you into Hanna Barbara with the Hong Kong Fooey thing!
How do you say WOOWOO in Japanese anyway????????????
I will await seeing you in future Animae toons!