Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a Secret!

Whew! I just got back from Washington. You may recall that I missed being elected President of the United States by only a few measly votes. But, just the other day, I was recruited by the government to be part of the Secret Service team during yesterday’s presidential inauguration. How awesome! I wonder if this had anything to do with me learning karate. I must admit, I did learn some really great moves from the movie, Kung Fu Panda. You may have seen me yesterday on TV. If not, you can always catch the reruns. I’m the one wearing the black tie and dark glasses.


shannicat said...


WOW! The Secret Service?!? Kewl! I bet it WAS the Karate that sparked their interest in you. Just be careful on the assignments they send you on, like the Tallibanie Take-Down, The Bin-Laden Beat-Down, and whatever else they have you doing. You were on tv the ENTIRE Inaugeration, we saw you! Oh wait, that was still your "World Peace" Christmas card. It's still up there! A HA HA HA HA

The Cats

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

I knew that was you!!!!I saw you standing on the side of that bullet proof Limo.It was kind of a give away when the President and first lady in the Limo behind you had to get out and walk because the drool under their tires made the Limo slip and slide so much they were dizzy!Or the fact that his driver could not see a thing with the white fur windshield!All in all...great job were one cool looking Dude!

Oh....and the moves on the dance floor at the inaugural ball, let me just say WOW...WWWOOOO,WWWWOOOO!
You had the first lady really cutting up the rug, the roll you took her into was astounding!I saw the standing ovation.Good thing the dress was white.

Oh....and the reruns on CNN! Could I be prouder...NOT!

Hey, was there a lot of food dropping...yeah, you the man!

Love Louie

Le Nanny said...

Hey Brin!
Wow, don'y you look deboniere in those MIB shades.........or shall i say DIB!
So, the FBI, huh?
Does that stand for Federal Brind'amour of Investigation...i guess this is where all that tracking you did and smelling the DNA off all the tennis balls comes in handy!