Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Breaking the Bank

We’re back! Our sailing trip was great – we soaked up some rays, enjoyed the wind, and even saw some dolphins…. or, maybe they were sharks, we’re not sure. How do you tell the difference anyway? I never realized how expensive sailing was. I spent just about every penny I had saved in my piggy bank to pay for the trip. It was worth it but I may have to start thinking about getting a job if I want to pursue sailing and a number of new hobbies for the winter. The good news is that I never had to pay the sitter for watching the kids. When we got home the sitter was nowhere to be found. Bells and whistles went off in my head when I found Aimee hiding under the end table pretending to look innocent. After searching for some time I finally discovered something peculiar about the closet door. The toilet paper spewing from around the door and the muffled noises coming from inside told me that something wasn’t quite right. When I opened the door and found the sitter wrapped up in tons of toilet paper like a mummy I knew that Aimee was behind this one since she has a penchant for toilet paper. When I finally got the sitter unwrapped she just sailed right out the door without so much as a thank you or a good bye. How rude was that!


Le Nanny said...

Welcome Back, Brin & Ori!
Yea, how rude of that babysitter....jeeze, she had no sense of humor.
Hey, maybe Aimee can get the part-time job of mummetizing for Halloween.
I'm sure she'd have quite a business going there....i'd say it was very serendipidous timing!

shannicat said...

Holy $hit!!! Not even a goodbye?!? Well let me tell you what we'd do up here in the boonies...we'd dip her in honey, then roll her in bird seed, then tie her to a tree! She's be covered in birds and squirrels in NO TIME! Which, being cats, that'd be good for us! Looks like you still have some loot left by your picture, but no a lot. Looks like just enough for a bag of catnip. WHAT?!? psst...Christmas is coming soon. LOL
Brin, We love you and the rest of the crew...

The 4 Wacky Cats

Louie Magooey said...

Hi Brinny........it's Louie

You sure wear a lot of hats!!!!Your a captain too, and I must say you always look your best.Ohhh....the wind,I just love the wind.Just remember,dolphins will play, do tricks in the water while those sharks just stalk you...so keep mama away from those.That silly girl...bet mama had a few wwooo wwoo,s for her!

Love Louie