Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Hoopla

Had a little hoopla this weekend. No one could decide what they wanted to be for Halloween this year. Nothing like waiting 'til the last minute! While we were tossing around ideas, we decorated the house. It looks GREAT and SPOOKY. When we got to the last storage box, Aimee found the Frankenstein and just knew at that moment that she wanted to dress up as the Bride of Frankenstein. But when Benny got wind of that one, he said she didn't even need a costume because she already looks like the Bride of Frankenstein. Then, Aimee gave him that "look" and.... well..... hence, the hoopla.


shannicat said...

Hey Guys!

Well, it's official. Halloween's just about here and we LOVE to wreak havoc with our mom;s decorations. Especially, the cauldrom with the straw in that. we think it's funny that she constantly has to vacuum. Just don;t let her in on our diabloical plan. It is, you know, Halloween. Who knows? Could be ghosts!
The 4 Diabolic Kitties

Le Nanny said...

Hey Brin!
Oh, yea........i'm quite familiar with the "LOOK" Aimee gets on her face before any hoopla begins.
It's as though one of those "comment bubbles" pops right of her head and says "Watch out", OR
her head becomes transparent and you can read her ticker tape running in her barely have enough time to read her face and WATCH OUT!!!
Anyway, hope you all enjoy the Halloween Hoopla!

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

he..he ..he...he...heeeeee, that brother of mine sure is funny!!!!As well as brave! Who would mess with that wild little girl.Hope he is OK.Hope you all have a fun Halloween,I told my human mom that I just want to sit on the front step and watch everyone!Especially those little ones whose buckets are right at my level...yeah,I'll be sneaking lots of treats,I'm a good sneaker!
Love Louie