Thursday, October 9, 2008

Safety First!

Since it’s National Fire Prevention Week, let’s review the fire safety checklist.
1) Avoid shoving stuffed toys and rope toys in electrical outlets.
2) Teach youngsters to not chew on electrical wires.
3) No rough housing inside (Benny!) to avoid knocking over burning candles.
4) Avoid flinging toys on top of a lit stove.
5) Change batteries yearly in all smoke detectors (but how you get up there to do that is beyond me!).
6) Teach the “Stop, Drop, and Roll” technique in case your coat catches fire (not the “Drop, Roll Half Way Over, and Stop” technique that Orielle practices so brilliantly).
7) And finally, designate escape routes in each room and practice regularly (and I don’t mean through the wall Aimee!).
Don’t forget, safety first! (Then cookies, then kibble, then toys……)


shannicat said...

Brin! Wow! Yer a firefighter! The only thing we get yelled at for doing is nibbling on the Christmas Tree lights. We can't help it. Sometimes they twinkle and put us into a trance. Then, our humans yell at us and we snap out of it and take off like a bat out of hell. We don't like getting yelled at. :o( But, thanx for all the good tips. I know our humans just changed the smoke detector batteries, because one kept doing this chirping sound and we all were going nuts thinking there was a bird in the house!

The Frederick Cats

Louie Magooey said...

HI's Louie

WOW Brinny, how did you get so smart? Those are all the things my human mom tells me I can't do! I thought she was being a bit over the know how mom's can be!After all whats more fun than flinging toys! However Brin, I do beleive I am the drop and roll KING!I am so good at it and have perfected it to a teeeee.I usually show anyone who will watch and even those who don't. My human mom says I am a show off when it comes to my rolling.When I meet a new friend I usually roll 4 or 5 times right off the get-go and I just blow them away!

Yeah....I'm that good!!!!!As usual Brin you are looking pretty sharp!

Love Louie

Le Nanny said...

Hey Brin!
Not only are you a handsome fellow (i love a man in uniform), but a smart one too!
Hey,you should see if East Brunswick has a CERT program....Community Emergency Response Team.
They have a really neat outfit, and just think of all the neat stuff you can sniff out during an emergency.
I'll lend you my "gigs" if you want, it even includes a cool hard hat!