Sunday, November 9, 2008

Moving On...

Darn! I didn’t get elected President of the United States, even after all that campaigning I did that day! That’s OK. It was a good thing actually, because on my way home I had time to stop and take a few nature shots. My favorite was the one I like to call “Tennis Ball in Fall Foliage.” But nothing topped what I found when I walked through the door at home. Once AGAIN, I caught Orielle in one of those “moments.” I guess she wasn’t expecting me quite so soon. Ooooh, she’s really gonna kill me for this one!


Louie Magooey said...

Hi Brinny's Louie

Ooohhhh....Brinny, you did it again!Mama is gonna be upset!You should have stuck to the fall photo's.Although I have to say that mama looks beautiful no matter what!

I want you to know that I asked for a recount!!!! I just can't imagine how you were not elected.Give me a break, you had all the issue's....well maybe 2012?

Love Louie

shannicat said...


We agree with Louie. RECOUNT! We can just about bank on that is was Florida and all of those dumb seniors who screwed up the polls ONCE AGAIN! As for Orielle, yer Done! She's gonna blackmail you in the worse way. (Don't let us get ahold of her, we will tell her some evil, diabolical plans, we do stuff to our humans all the time)! Oh yeah, our mom has some ironing for Ori to do. LMAO!

The Furry Foursome

Le Nanny said...

Hey Brin!
There's always the 2012 election to plan ahead the meantime, you are an awesome photographer, both candid artistically!
I bet if you made up a bunch of mailers of Ori doing ironing, she'd get alot of "bites"...between your photography and her ironing, you can make lots of mula there!