Sunday, November 16, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

Okay, so Orielle wasn’t exactly pleased I took a picture of her ironing in her house dress and curlers. So I figured I’d take her out for the day to, you know, make up a little bit for the ironing debacle. I’ve been target practicing lately, and since it was such a nice day out, I invited her to come along. At first, she wasn’t all that keen on going until I mentioned that there would be food there. She quickly changed her tune. Little did she know that she would become more a part of it than she realized, and that the food I mentioned would end up on her head!
Gosh, I'm good!!!

This has been a reenactment. Do not try this at home without a parent or legal guardian present.


shannicat said...


You are SO BAD!!! And we can't believe Orielle FELL FOR IT!!! Our Dad, Keith, will be SO proud of you for practicing your archery skills, since he IS a hunter! If we were you, we'd suggest you go hunt some dinner and cook that girl a 10 course meal!!! You have ALOT of making up to do!

The Kitties

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

I think mama uped you one! She knew all the time what she was doing.Look how beautiful she looks....she just might steal the spot light!Plus... I bet that apple was tasty!

Love Louie

twoperfectdogs said...

My dad took me hunting. I figured he needed advice so instead of running around looking for birds I stuck by his side. There were two crazy Pointers that made me tired just watching them. Anyway, you gave me a good idea for a game to play with Fanny and Seamus. Do you think I can get them to not eat the apple in their mouths?
Mr. Bigley

Le Nanny said...

Hey Brin!
With all that keen skill with the Archery, I would have thought you were a Sagittarian, the Archer.....but I know better!
And Ori makes such a cute Williama Tell.
Think ahead for next Halloween