Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Brind'Amour

Hi. My name is Brind’Amour and I am running for President of the United States. I realize I am a last minute candidate but if you vote for me, I promise, you will not be disappointed. If elected, my first order of business will include the following.

-- Universal (free) pet insurance.
-- Lower interest rates for all first time homeowners who buy new dog houses.
-- Tax breaks on higher education, i.e. Rally-O, Obedience, Tracking, etc., in addition to free Pre-K programs for young pups.
-- Grants to help small business owners get started, i.e. in the categories of gourmet pet bakeries, pet bedding shops, pet toy stores, etc.
-- Building more parks.
-- Installing more fire hydrants in neighborhoods (for safety reasons, of course).
-- No restrictions on pets in public, i.e. malls, restaurants, visiting Santa, etc.

Vote for me! My name is Brind’Amour, and I approve this message.


shannicat said...


You WILL win! All of us voted this morning and believe me when I tell you, we made our mom PROMISE to put our votes in for you! There wasn't any other "furry" candidate to vote for and you ARE family (down some weird family geneology tree) we HAD to vote for you. One other order of business we think to should consider adding to your task list is FREE tuna! That should be avaiable to all of the feline community. Well, we'll keep ours ears perked up for the final results later this evening. BTW...where's your ticker tape parade going to take place? We would love to come and show our support. GOOD LUCK!!!

The 4 Regispurred (we mean registered) Cats

Le Nanny said...

Oh, Brin........
Consider yourself ENDORSED by the important powers that be....Buddie,Oscar,Winnie,Cookie,
Shiloh,Randall,Ollie,Rocky, and but of course, Le Nanny!
I'm sure all the Shannicats and Louie Magooey bunch and lotsa others endorse you too!

Louie Magooey said...

Hi Brinny............it's Louie

I was so excited when I read this morning you were running for President! You so have my vote.I actually did some campaigning on the trail this morning and had many of my friends totally excited about your candidacy.They all agreed to write you in!All your issues are my top priorities, along with water fountains at doggy level and cinnabone dispensers at all parks and hiking trails, you know like the poop stations, only cinnabone stations............yeah, gotta like that! Of course I am available to be part of your cabinet.I am sure Benny is vice president and Amiee is just plain princess! I however would love to be ambassador to doggy rule!!!!! Mama must be so proud!!!!!

Love Louie

twoperfectdogs said...

We all voted for you but I think the counters had trouble reading our pawprints. Give Obama a call to see if he can't make you an ambassador to someplace exotic. We will visit often.
Goldie, Mr. Bigley, Fanny and Seamus