Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time to Spare

I just love bowling. As a matter of fact, I’ve always wanted to become a professional bowler. But can anybody answer me this…... Why in the world, when you go bowling, do they only give you two shoes? And what’s up with the way they drill the holes in the balls? Do they ever fit anybody? And why is the alley so slippery? A person can break their neck out there! It’s no wonder so many bowling alleys are closing down. But now, I’m doing more bowling than ever since I just sprung for a Wii and got Wii Bowling. It’s amazing!! You don’t need any shoes (two or four), you don’t slip down the alley and go head first into the gutter (although Orielle got a big kick out of it every time I did it), but most importantly, you don’t need an ill-fitting bowling ball! And, I’m so excited about the release this week of AMF Bowling World Lanes which offers Tournament Mode!! How awesome!!! Now, if we can only find Aimee’s game controller……


Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

I also love the concept of bowling.....however,I don't understand the need of a ball of any kind! I would just prefer the ROLL!!!I could roll down that lane and make a strike every time!!!!Yeah....I'm that good with the rrrooolllllllllllllllll!!

Love Louie

shannicat said...

We have the Wii too! It's the BEST! We like watching our humans play the fishing game (that's on the Wii Play). The bowling's fun, glad to hear you guys are getting a kick out of it! We also like watching them do the boxing. They look so retarded! LMAO! We'll have to have a tournament and call it...
The Felines VS The Canines

Le Nanny said...

Hey Brin!
Yea, the bowling & boxing are fun.
Just be careful that your baton doesn't go flying outta your paw as you try to roll that invisible ball down the alley.
Louie is correct.....rolling a clumber, especially one like Aimee, is a guaranteed strike all the time.
Also, the Shannicats have a cool idea of the canines Vs the felines,,,,how about the aviaries vs the invertibrates......we could have an entire universe of pets and start a new WiiPets game!