Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Olympic News!

So, I was also on the Olympic Weight Lifting Team until they blamed me for the accident. Supposedly, someone found some slobbery substance dripping from the barbell. It caused a little "mishap" when it slipped out of the hands of one of the team members and caused a, shall we say, toe injury. How'd they know it was me anyway? Personally, I think it was a setup!


Le Nanny said...

Hi, Brawny Brinny!
Maybe you can suggest to the Olympic Commission to start a competition where your slobber can come in handy, like on a swinging vine, where athletes have to ATTEMPT to climb the slobbery vine to the top and swing across a river!
Lots of lucK,champ,Le Nanny

shannicat said...

Don't take it too personal. I was blamed for the vault (couch) that we have in our livingroom that has gotten severely shredded. My humans seem to always blame me (my human Dad says I'm "special"), but I rarely ever get caught in the act. So therefore, I'm being blamed for the USA not winning the gold in the women's gymnastics because of this. Sometimes we just seem to have the weight of the world on our shoulders. Uggghhhhhhh...

Louie said...

Hi Brinny....it's Louie

I think it is definitely a conspiracy!!!!First the swim team, now this! I am sure you are not the only swimmer with white hair, or the only lifter with a little drool....come on!They are just afraid of your athletic abilities! Hey, was anyone eating a grinder when you were lifting? Hang in there dude.