Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic News Wrap-Up!

Well, I'm on my way home. And for those of you who have inquired -- no, I did not make the Olympic Tennis Team... um... for obvious reasons. And, I also didn't make the Olympic Badminton Team either. They got mad when I instinctively kept chasing and retrieving the "birdie." Come on!! I'm a hunting dog for crying out loud!

Therefore, this concludes my coverage of the 2008 Olympics. But stay tuned! You'll be hearing from me soon.


Louie said...

Hey's Louie

WOW....I have never seen any tennis player do that before, you are a winner in my book!

Love Louie

Le Nanny said...

Hey Brin!
Well, now it's time for the U.S. Open.......lots of tennis balls there for you.
You can even get a job there fetching the balls on the sidelines!
I'm sure you have the outfit-
Ah yes, Mc En Brin.
See you on the big screen!

shannicat said...


Sorry to hear you didn't make the Olympic Tennis Team, but you's make a great "Ball-Boy". But, think optimistically, football season is right around the corner!

The 4 Bad Cats

Le Nanny said...

Hi Brin!
We really enjoy keeping up with your Olympic are our hero!
With Luv from Buddie,Oscar,Winnie,Cookie, and Shiloh (clanny of Le Nanny)

Anonymous said...

I'm Cindy's friend UBAGELU Michelle. The tennis balls in the mouth are hilarious! Funny dawggie!!! I just want to squish him!!!! ;)