Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Perfect Plan

This is Aimee. Need I say more?

... let me just add, that it was the perfect plan. I snuck out of the house like a ninja and headed for the party store to buy some supplies for Orielle's upcoming birthday on September 1st. I found all the decorations I needed. I even managed to sneak back into the house unnoticed. It couldn't have been more perfect. I quickly hid the bag of decorations from snooping eyes and big schnozzes and went to go get a nice cold drink from the kitchen. But when I returned... well, let's just say, it WAS the perfect plan. All I heard in the background was that wise cracker Benny chanting, "Aimee's in trouble. Aimee's in trouble!" That girl's not in trouble. She can't help it. She's just.... um.... enthusiastic. Yeah.


shannicat said...

It's ok Aimee, we get in trouble with, not so much with decorations but, WRAPPING PAPER AND BOWS! We can't help it. It's just too pretty. Especially when our human mom puts those curly-q ribbon on packages. We can't help but chew them, they tickle. The only thing we don't like is when we eat them, and they get stuck in our butt! That's the worst! Then our mom has to get it out, it's pretty gross. But she pretends it's like a zip cord! Ewwww.... Have fun at the party! We wish we could come, but mom's got work this weekend! We really would love to lick the icing on the cake!

The 4 Bad Cats

Le Nanny said...

Ahhhhh, yes!
The picture that shows it all of our "Little Angel Aimee"-
You gotta admire her creative way of looking into things...seems like disasters wait for her to step into them.

Le Nanny said...

Happy Birthday, Ori!
We all luv you,Aunts Nanny & Flo,Buddie,Oscar,Cookie,Winnie & Shiloh

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

Well, you know my baby sister.She just can't help herself.Personally, I think she got toooo spoiled by all the brothers. But she is just sooo cute! How could we help ourselves.Besides Brin....paper is just so much fun....better than the toy inside.We just love to tear it up and eat it!You should know by now that you can't put anything past that little girl.Where was mama....taking a nap?

Love Louie Magooey