Thursday, August 7, 2008

My First Blog Post!

Wow! My first day on the Blog and what an extraordinary day it's been! Let's see... well, I had breakfast, Mmmmm, and then Cheerios, Mmmmm. We always have Cheerios in the morning around 7:30. I love to eat. After that, I took out my laptop that I got for my 9th birthday and started my Blog. How awesome is that! Except for maybe the keys are a bit small. But, if you watch real close, you can see my hair magically fly from my body to the screen. It's so wicked!

The most incredible thing happened today... my friend the frog came back. He's been missing for a while now and I thought that maybe Aimee (my cousin's kid) got a hold of him. But no! He's really back! I call him Frankenfrog, Frankie for short, because he has these bolt looking things on the sides of his neck. It's fun to watch him hop and he smells really good!

Later in the day, I took an amazing nap. Benny (my cousin's other kid) complained of my snoring but MAN! what a nap! I closed my eyes pretending I was out in the woods, camping out in a tent, listening to the crickets and before I knew it I was fast asleep!

So, I've mentioned my cousin's kids Benny and Aimee. Well, they are my cousin Orielle's kids. Orielle is really great. If she's not off chewing on a bone or playing with a toy, she's upside down sleeping and snoring herself. She's so good you hardly know she's around. Except of course when she sings her WooWoo song. And boy! can she belt out some tunes! Anyway, Benny is a mama's boy. I try to stay away from that. Don't tell him I said that though! Then there's Aimee. I try to spend a lot of time with her because that girl needs guidance! Some people claim she's a bad girl. I just think she's "special." And very cute! Well, I'm off to have my second favorite meal of the day - Dinner! And a cookie for dessert, Mmmmm. See ya!


Jeane said...


Good to see you on the Blog site. You're looking great, guy. Have fun with the laptop but remember to keep the keys dry.

Le Nanny said...

Hey Tiny!
Congrats on your new Blog & laptop!
Y'know, it's not too soon to start hinting for a Wii for the holidays.
Lots of Luv, Le Nanny

Anonymous said...

Hi Brinny,
It's know one of Orielle's kids.I am so happy to have another way to talk to you.You know you are my hero, you looked after us when Orielle had her litter.I was the first baby to go, I hope my other brothers join in.
Much love, Louie aka...Cinnabun

Karen said...

I am delighted that you have started a blog. Just be sure to keep us posted about your whole family, including Lizz and Jo.

Also, keep out of mischief, but if you can't, just be thinking of me, and I'll be there in the thick of it with you.



Anonymous said...


Greetings from the south. My name is Rosie and I'm two years old. Saw your blog and thought it was really cool. I live with your Mommy's brother and sister-in-law. Talk to you soon.


Carole said...

Hey Brind"Amour, you so much better with this computer sh##t then me, I don't even have blog yet and wouldn't know what to do with one anyway LOL. Anyway, tell your mommy to make some drinks and call me, (I AM only 3 house away!) Will check back for new enteries...hugz, "Aunt Carole"

shannicat said...


Greeting from Greentown, PA! We are relatives, but it's through aunts and great-aunts so we're not really sure what WE are, but relatives of some sort. We would love to play with you, but I don't think hissing, barking, and scratching is really a "form" of play. But, we like how our Mommy smells when she comes home from your house. We guess that's "doggie" smell. Anyhoo, looking forward to your next entry. Until then...
Scooter, Skeeter, King, & Pandora
(and our humans too)

Anonymous said...

Hi Brinny,

It's Peri - one of Orielle's other kids. I love your goggles - I've been watching the swimming with Mom and Dad and I'm hoping they might buy me some doggles for my swims in the lake. I miss you guys, but ... sometimes I sneak on the couch or the bed and Brinny isn't there to chase me down!

To all my other brothers and sisters, if you haven't already, check out my music video. I've become a bit of a rock star since I moved to Boston:

Per Bear