Sunday, August 24, 2008

Power Shopper

Orielle spent most of the morning trying to convince me to take her back-to-school shopping for the kids. Against my better judgment, I finally gave in. It’s not that she’s not fun to shop with; it’s just that her perception of time is a little askew, if you know what I mean. Her version of “a little while” amounts to at least three hours, and when she says “a few things,” it really means at least five bags! I know with school right around the corner, Orielle was anxious to get Benny the supplies he needed for his advanced obedience class. She was also excited about getting Aimee’s supplies but not overly excited with Aimee’s teacher who “strongly” suggested she repeat kindergarten… again. What do teachers know anyway! That girl is smart. She just needs… um… guidance. Yeah. So, like I predicted, we came home three hours later, carrying five bags, and totally exhausted. Boy, can that girl shop!


Le Nanny said...

Hi Ori!
Glad you enjoyed your shoplifting..........oops, i meant shopping excursion for the kids!
Holiday shopping is right around the corner too.......yay!

shannicat said...


I know ECATLY what you mean about the shopping. Our human mom doesn't take us shopping because we don't like car rides and we act like total idiots in the car. Plus with all the crying, we get sore throats! So, we know that she alsways buys us stuff, so why not let her do all the running around, while we stay home and nap? She's the dumb-a$$...LMAO! Plus, she's spoils us to the maxx anyway. Glad you found lots of fun, cool stuff!

Scooter, Skeeter, & Pandora

Louie said...

Hi's Louie

Well, I just love to go shopping at my favorite store....the Feed Bag.Need I say more.It's full of goodies and very crowded, so it's easy to sneak a treat here and there.They are so silly there, they think it is quite a feat to sit when asked.They praise me up and down and give me cookies for it.My human mom says I sit so much there that I have a dirty butt by time we leave....I can't fool her!

Besides, I am sure you are still kissing up to my mama for that little slip of the lense....

Love Louie