Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Big Experiment

In looking for larger test subjects it was suggested that I use tennis balls or cookies, or things of that nature. However, I felt that using even larger subjects might produce even larger results. I ultimately did use tennis balls and cookies, just not in that capacity. My goal was to capture and photograph two large subjects colliding in a tunnel at amazingly high speeds. I chose to send Benny in through one end of the tunnel using tennis balls as his accelerator and I sent Aimee in through the opposite end using cookies as her accelerator. Man! Can those two move! A few seconds later I heard a BIG BANG but unfortunately my camera malfunctioned and it was never recorded. I waited and waited but neither Aimee nor Benny emerged from the tunnel. I decided to go in and look for them. Hmmm….where could they be? I went around that darn tunnel three times and found no sign of either of them. Perhaps there really is such a thing as a black hole! Oh well…maybe I can have their dinner!!


shannicat said...

WOW! You sent them both to an alternate universe. Should they come back, ask them if they saw/met Ming The Merciless from Flash Gordon. I love that movie!


Le Nanny said...

Hey Brin!
Maybe the joke's on you....
The little tricksters may have come out of a hidden hole somewhere in the middle of the tunnel, when they saw you popping your head inside the tunnel end.
Knowing Benny, he would have prepared food and treats to take with him if he went into the black hole, so i think the dinner thought is impossible, unless Aimmee left hers for you.

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's louie

OMG......where are Benny and Aimee???Mama will be a know Aimee will cause such a ruckus!!!Benny won't tolerate loosing any balls and Aimee will not miss a meal! I am afraid you are in for trouble Brinny....better find them fast...or mama will just have such a fit!

Love Louie