Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pear Watching 101

Well, Benny and Aimee are back. I came to realize that they were in the tunnel all along but just hiding under Benny’s magical invisibility cape. Him and his magic tricks! That little weasel!! When he’s not practicing his magic tricks you can find him sitting under the pear tree waiting patiently for a pear to fall. Sometimes it even looks like he’s mind-melding with the pears. He sure does love his fruit! I swear that boy must be a vegetarian! I have an idea -- maybe he should use some magic on the pear tree to make all the pears fall…..and while he’s busy scoffing them up, I can swipe his dinner!!!


shannicat said...


Glad to hear Aimee and Benny are back. Just keep an eye on your bowl, otherwise they'll scoff it up! I know how Benny feels about fruit. I, too, love fruit. All kids, except those tart/sour lemons! YUCK! Maybe is all the pears fall down, your human mom can make cooked pears like Nanny used to! If she does, tell her we want some too!!!

Le Nanny said...

Hey Brin!
I knew those pranksters were hiding on you.
Maybe when those pears do all finally fall, you can take a pic of Benny with the pears all lined up in his lips, like you do with the tennis balls....cute, but i do have a feeling they'd be chewed and swallowed by the time you got the snapshot of it.
Hey, the holidays are coming, it's time to hint to your human(s) to let you help to make a pear pie or something...knowing her, she'll make a coconut thing and try to convince me it's a pear pie!

Louie Magooey said...

Hi's Louie

Well, I'm relieved my siblings are back! I should have known Benny was using his magical skills! It's just like Aimee to be in on tricking you.She was probably giggling the whole time.If I know Benny he will eat his dinner first, than use his magic to get all the pears.I think you need a new plan Brinny........
Love Louie