Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Bash

So, yesterday was Orielle’s birthday and even though some of the decorations were unusable (thanks to Aimee), the party went off without a hitch. We started off with some music and Freestyle dancing and then moved on to Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Dawgie. Following that, we busted open a Piñata filled with cinnamon cookies and peanut butter treats. Let’s just say we did not use traditional methods to open it up. No sticks of any kind were used, mostly because I have a compulsion to eat them. Afterwards, Benny entertained us with his amazing magic act. He opened with juggling, not one, not two, but three tennis balls! Whoa! That guy was good! Using his incredible sleight-of-paw he did his Disappearing-Tennis-Ball-Under-the-Cup trick. And if that wasn’t enough, he also pulled a Tennis-Ball-Out-of-the-Hat! And for the grand finale he performed his famous Sawing-the-Tennis-Ball-in-Half trick. Believe me when I say, THAT DUDE WAS AWESOME! We then sang to Orielle, showered her with presents, and had her favorite Liver Cake with whipped cream icing.


shannicat said...

We really would've enjoyed coming to your birthday bash, but you're 2hours away and we SUCK at car rides! We just get mental. We hope you had a wonderful time and we may have to hire Benny to come and do magic tricks at our house. His famous one will be "Make the kitties disappear". Because when we see him, we'll run! LOL
Scooter, Skeeter, King, and Pandora
Oh yeah,
Shannon, Keith, and Wren too

Louie Magooey said...

Hi Brinny....it's Louie

Looks like you gave my mama a real nice birthday party! I Love Liver cake! Hey, tell Benny I am a magician too!I can make grinders disappear.....it's awesome...and real tasty.Kisses to mama

Love Louie
ps...how did that little girl behave? Bet she had a face full of frosting....

Le Nanny said...

Hi Brin!
What a celebration for Ori........there seems to be alot of talent over there for entertainment, and the food sounds yummy too.
Those liver snacks are sounding pretty good to me know right now, cuz i haven't had lunch yet! (i'm scaring me)!
Will we get to see everything on U-Tube?