Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Experiment

One interesting thing about this whole subatomic particle/proton collider thingy is that some believe that if these so called microscopic particles collide at a tremendously high speed it could possibly create a black hole. Hmmm…...intriguing. So, I conducted a few experiments of my own. To my dismay, not only did nothing collide but these microscopic particles are so stinking small you can barely see them. I mean, what is the point of that? What are these scientists thinking? And, are there really such things as black holes anyway? Personally, I think using larger subjects that are visible to the naked eye might produce larger results. Let’s just see…….


Le Nanny said...

Hey Professor Brin!
Try using a bucketful of tennis balls for this experiment.....i'm sure you'll see lots of collisions in there.
Also, i heard of a Mr. Peabody, who is good at this molecular stuff who you might want to confer with.

shannicat said...

Hey there Dr. Brin~

You are truly amazing! I agree with LeNanny, you should use tennis balls. Or better yet, why not doggie treats? Then you can eat them when you're done. Our mom thinks there are black holes, because she is forever losing stuff. I think her mind is in one, somewhere. Until you next entry...

The 4 Maniacal Cats

Le Nanny said...

Hi again, Professor Brin!
Thanks, Shannicat for agreeing with my hypothesis on tennis balls.
Hey, why not try cheerios since we are trying treats...i have a feeling that black hole will become your belly, making all the treats & cheerios disappear real quick.

Louie Magoeey said...

Hi's Louie

Well, I am not much on science.After all I am only 2.But something must have collided in me because my Dad says I have a black hole and he thinks the Starship Enterprise could pass through it so, it must have been a few tennis balls or more.Go figure.....I must have been taking a nap when it happened.
Love Louie